About Us

The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda was initially formed at the University of California – Berkeley in 1906 as a social club under the name Los Amigos (the friends). It reorganized as a fraternity and adopted its Greek name on 1914 Apr. 22.

Its motto is "Αλήθεια Και Λόγος" (Alethia Kai Logos: "The Truth and the Word").

Learn much more at AKΛ's own website.

In 1962, the national fraternity sponsored the transfer of Charles "Buddy" Tabler to what was then Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire for the expresss purpose of colonizing a new chapter. He was successful, and Alpha Theta Chapter was officially chartered on 1963 Nov. 23.*

The chapter was a vibrant operation for many years — particularly during the apex of activity in its own house at 101 Summit Avenue — but fell on hard times, downsized, struggled, moved, moved again, and eventually lost its charter; it was recolonized some years later with the help of earlier alumni but again struggled and died out. It is no longer active on the campus of what has become the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a point of connection for the more than 300 brethren (and whatever sistren are willing to admit to having known us) who experienced an Affiliation Kindled for Life at Aϴ on their way to Ω.

The main part of this blog is entitled "Years", and there's a page for every year from 1963 to the present. We encourage all members to go to a year — probably starting with their pledge year (or, in some cases, their first pledge year) — where they have a story to relate, and add it under "Comments". Please use your real name and add your member number if you remember it, like this good example set by the blog administrators:
Try not to lie too egregiously.

While obviously the bulk of the recollections will be from the years when you were a college student, don't feel compelled to stop there. If you ever returned to Eau Claire for homecoming, or the Dells for a Kappa reunion, or Milwaukee for a sheepshead game, or just spent time hangin' out with your buds from back in the day, write it up as a sort of reminiscence and add it as a comment. We're not expecting Hemingway, let alone Shakespeare. Fake it.

As these comments come rolling in, we'll gradually expand the main entry under each year to incorporate the stories into a more or less coherent narrative, with a view toward having a pretty good story assembled, year by year, in time for our chapter's 50th reunion (just under the wire in October of 2014) and the fraternity's 100th.

We are particularly interested in getting pictures, but you can't add them via comments, so e-mail them to any of the blog's administrators by clicking on his name above, and we'll take care of getting them posted under the year you tell us to.

*yes, the very day after one of the darkest days in American history