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Our 50th anniversary celebration (only 11 months late).


  1. I plan to attend....my new twin grand children, Olivia and Christopher ( Courtesy of my youngest daughter Courtney and her husband Greg who live in Kohler, WI. The twins will be celebrating their first birthday the same weekend as the reunion.

  2. Since graduating from UWEC, I spent over 30 years as a middle manager in large corporations associated with the Pulp and Paper Industry aka know as "corporate purgatory"! I spent most of my career designing, constructing, and operating water conservation and reclamation facilities and industrial recycling projects. I was awarded a patent and commercialized the process, and built a recycled pulp plant that became the first successful "office waste deinking facility in the USA. In my later years, I met those three nasty sisters... "Right-size"...."Wrong-size"... and "Down-Size" between the ages of 48 and 53 and was fired for being too old and making too much money....OH what a favor they did me. I left the frozen tundra for good in 1999 and relocated to North Carolina and became a General Contractor focused on the high end residential insurance remediation market in the Greater Charlotte, NC area. In spite of the economy, my company, JP Solutions llc has achieved new sales and profitability records for each of the past three years. I consider myself semi-retired....living where I want to live...doing what I love to do...working when I want to ....and earning enough money to fund my habits...boating and travel. Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My Contact Information
    John Peil
    9822 Forest Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28216
    Cell: 704-770-7306